Attention Business Owners!
How can you combine DIGITAL MARKETING and easy to implement AUTOMATION to REALLY grow your business?
What's all inside?
  • How has the buyer's journey changed?
  • ​How are buying decisions made online (even if you have a "physical location business".
  • ​The Zero Moment of truth.
  • The 5 key pillars of a customer journey you should assess in your business.
  • The easiest and fastest way to increase your marketing budget... by using your competitors.
  • ​Where you should focus your time and money to grow your business. 
We've heard from many business owners that they weren’t sure why digital marketing mattered for their business, weren’t sure all the parts that contribute to their company’s digital presence, and didn’t even know what tactics they should be using to see a real return for their marketing investment.
As a business owner you want to ensure you understand all these pieces so that you can set yourself up for success while MOST IMPORTANTLY not wasting your time and money. 

To help you out we have put together this powerpoint deck that will walk you through what a buyers journey looks like online (even if you are physical location type business and don't think your need a digital presence!).
What best describes what you are looking for?
Grow Your Business.
After building marketing campaigns from location based companies associated with downtown business associations to companies such as IBM, Dell, Lenovo, and Huawei.

I saw the opportunity that all companies can benefit from, I call it the "Commoditization of Automation" or, easy access to products and strategies that will allow company to create an automated money making engine.

I knew I had to first figure out for myself the "Commoditization of Automation". I then spent a year working through the question; how can you automate a digital marketing company from beginning to the end? This question lead me to develop our four step process to automated marketing and sales roadmap. 

If you answer a couple of questions below we can pinpoint where in the roadmap your company stands today and provide you with recommended tactics you can implement today!
the robots have arrived
Learn Digital Strategies
I believe digital literacy is a crucial component for everyone!

As I went through countless hours of training I compiled everything that you need into a condensed training model which we are giving AWAY for FREE! 

I spent months building the systems so that you never have to! 

• Learn digital strategies.

• Follow the steps 

• Build your team

Build your own monthly re-occuring AND growing revenue stream! 
We assist companies and individuals with the transition to and the automation of digital commerce.
When companies first came to the boom we saw extreme economic growth and many millionaires were made. The opportunity is here again as we reach the next pinnacle, which is the transition to Digital Commerce. The combination of: Crypto-currency, SaaS Software with open integration (APIs), targeted digital advertising, social media, e-commerce, affiliate partner programs and tracking, funnel building, chatbots, blockchain contracts, and artificial intelligence have created an environment that together can replicate all commerce but digitally.
What’s crazy is that since these are digital versions of traditional commerce we can automate them. Now with the ability to reach a larger audience than ever before individuals and companies have made the ability to automate today cheaper and more available than ever before. When a business first needed a website they need to hire a whole programming team in order to ensure their customers and prospects were properly supported. Today there are easy and relatively cheap drag and drop options that could let anyone put up their own website in very little time. Today, we are seeing the same thing happen with...
The commoditization of automation.
The best way to automate for an organization includes a mixture of Strategy and technical Systems to support the strategy. However, even though the cost has come down. For many companies, the issue is not accessing or being able to afford but they express that navigating and understanding what goes into a strategy is extremely difficult.
This is why we developed a 4 Step Process to Automated Marketing and Sales that provides an easy framework for business to follow along and for Digital Navigators to guide the businesses marketing strategy portfolio.
We're on a mission to assist businesses to automate their Marketing and Sales processes while optimizing marketing strategy portfolios.
Follow our 4 Step Process to Automated Marketing and Sales Roadmap.
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Step 2.
Step 3.
Step 4.
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