Start Your Business.

There are a lot of parts that go into actually getting your business up and running.
The Digital Navigator Network is a pre-integrated shareable network making it easy to build, manage, and grow your digital business.

The Digital Marketplace.

Use the Digital Navigator Network to empower your business to reach more people by taking advantage of the marketplace effect of a community online shops.

Easily open and manage your Network enabled online shop through our pre-integrated portal.

For all community shops we charge 15% of every community shop sale and split that with the Digital Navigators who brought the sale to the shop.

5% to the Team Member Digital Navigator.

5% to the Team Leader Digital Navigator.

The Digital Workspace.

Find and Hire Skilled Digital Navigators and find projects you might be a good fit for as a Digital Navigator.

Employers post their jobs and describe the project requirements.

Digital Navigators submit their project proposals.

You have access to all the project management tools you need to handle the complete lifecycle of the project.

The network also manages milestone payments to ensure everyone on the network is treated fairly.

6% of every dollar that comes through the network is then shared with the network…

2% Team Member Digital Navigator.

2% to the Team Leader Digital Navigator.

Build Your Team.

One of the amazing benefits of the Gig Economy is the fact that we have access to talent globally.

To increase your speed to launching your business, actually being able to deliver on what you’ve promised, and scaling that to assist more businesses will likely require you needing help.

Grow Your Business.

The Digital Navigator Dashboard is here to support you as you grow you business in a few various ways:

Add new revenue lines to your business.

Any of the content that you share, offers you promote, or the products & services you sell that leads to us making money we share with you!

The goal for true financial freedom is multiple re-occuring revenue streams. So while you work on your business know that the results from everything you do are tracked back to your Digital Navigator Dashboard.

Meaning anything you see that you can think of someone who could truly benefit¬†from it you can immediately share it and then get in on the action if it’s a good fit.

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