3 Proven Ways for Freelancers to Foster Their Digital Presence

With the development of the online marketplace and the ease with which individuals can work remotely, industries around the world have seen their workforce shifting to highly-skilled freelancers and the growth of the so-called “gig economy”.

Here are 3 proven ways that freelancers can use to boost their reputation and enhance their digital presence.

#1 – Work Your Website

Websites may seem like a basic and straight-forward option for self-promotion, but there is no better way to showcase your portfolio to the world.

Having a good website means listing the services you provide and any examples of past projects that you’d like to display. The most important thing to include on your website, however, is an FAQ page and a detailed pricing page for potential buyers to see.

Your work may be a wonder to see, but clients won’t hire if they don’t know that your skills are actually for sale.


#2 – Search out Social Media

Social media is great for connecting you with a larger audience, but its greatest worth to freelancers and creators is that it connects them with other artists.

Being able to reach out to and potentially be mentored by another professional can teach you a lot about your craft, and can lead to a larger audience and more jobs!


#3 – Master the Marketplace

In recent years, online marketplaces have emerged specifically for freelancing gigs, including Fiverr and Upwork. These websites have grown dramatically, with more than 8 million entrepreneurs across the globe setting their own prices and promoting their services.

If you want to expand your clientele and build a reputation for fast and quality work, using these websites and cross-promoting them with your social media pages will help make you the go-to professional in your field.