Blog Posts

Blog Posts

Fully researched and highly optimized blog post written with SEO best practices

Build your audience and wow your readers with highly optimized custom content!

Our skilled content team works with you to create custom content on a topic of their choosing. This service includes blog posts consisting of 250-400 words, linked sources, and an image. These images can be provided by the client or selected by our team to support the written content. A content call is required to provide content.

Improve brand awareness and get your client's message out there with a custom blog!

• Help build trust between your client's local business and their customers. Blogs can help establish your client as an authority in their field.

• Blog posting solidifies your client's web presence and encourages customers to visit your client’s website.

• Links to blogs on social media help drive customers to your client’s website! This boosts customer awareness of services and products, and strengthens your client's SEO standing.


How can I be sure that it will be correct in its information?
Our skilled writers thoroughly research the topic your client chooses for their blog and provide links to their sources. The finished blog is then sent to you for approval. If you have specific links you would like used, you can include them during content acquisition.

What's the expected timeline?
You should be prepared to hear from our team within first week of the current month to discuss your blog for the following month. This conversation needs to happen by the 15th of the month. Our content team will prepare the blog and send it out to you for approval within 10 business days of receiving content.

Can I choose the blog topics?
A marketing strategist will work with you to help select from a list of appropriate topics for your industry.

Can I request a longer blog than 400 words?
Our writers keep blogs at a maximum of 400 words to keep readers engaged. If a blog is too long, it’s been shown that readers just won’t finish it. If needed, a topic can be split up into multiple blogs. Additional charges would apply.

What if I need changes made to the blog concerning content before it’s posted?
Our team will send you a draft of the blog to review and approve before posting. You can provide any edits and other feedback at this time.

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