How The Customer Experience Will Make Or Break Brands In 2016

How The Customer Experience Will Make Or Break Brands In 2016

The customer experience you offer has the power to make or break your brand’s competitive advantage, and it will. The ability to understand, convey and share emotion is the key to the establishment of a rewarding customer experience, which has only just recently begun becoming a focus again for corporations across all industries.


People want to be more than just demographics, they no longer want to be quantified or viewed statistically. But rather, the modern consumer seeks to be appreciated, rewarded, and included throughout the buying cycle – with an individualized experience. Moreover, even for the corporation, it help enormously to think about the good or service in that respect … Asking yourself: “How can I personalize this?” This new consumer has initiated the need to shift sales and marketing efforts dramatically in order to meet fluxing behaviours, needs, and expectations. Now, this doesn’t require your company to employ a team of counsellors, whose daily aim is to find out what’s on your customer’s mind. However, it does mean that that you as a brand, do need to employ different methods during customer interactions.


As such, the question begs; will empathy and engagement define the customer experience of 2016?


Customer Engagement


Engagement is a central tenant to the customer experience; as brands need to reconnect with what it’s like to be a customer, in order to create a well-defined and targeted aim as a corporation.  The ever-increasing need for brands to connect with their consumers is becoming more apparent by the day, as the needs of consumers continue to shift. Customers seek involvement and inclusion. They don’t want to just purchase the next big thing; they want to be apart of the creation. Consumers want their needs to be met, and for millennial consumers, that means corporate engagement.


The Empathetic Corporation


By nature, humans are emotional beings. They need certain things. And in this generation, people are more than willing to tell you these things if you are willing to listen.  Most companies want to do right by their customers, yet the problem is that many corporations do not know how. This is because it is impossible to meet needs that are not clearly defined.  Corporations need to assess how consumers actually interact with their brand, product or service, and respond accordingly


Your Digital Strategy


Your media strategy is your plan for maximizing the benefits of a business technology focused initiatives. In order to attain growth in the millennial market, a digital strategy is a must. It’s all about content. Think about who you are as a brand, what you offer, and how you want to be remembered. Your digital strategy should be reflective of the consumer and holistic in its approach. This strategy need to be clearly defined, and to have customers involvement as a top priority.


Content Marketing and The Customer Experience


The creation of content that is valuable, relevant and consistent is what content marketing is all about. The intention is to enhance or otherwise alter consumer behaviours and attitudes towards your product or service. By marketing your brand through the creation and nurturing of relevant content, consumers gain those desired feelings of empathy and engagement. This is why the large majority of today’s marketers focus on content marketing strategies; because this ultimately what’s wanted by the consumer. The goal is to not only attract, but to keep a defined consumer base who are loyal to your brand, ultimately leading to and often driving sales and profits.


Create Your Own Value


Create value, by creating valued customers. When you show your consumer’s appreciation and attention, more often than not they will return the favour. Consumers are more likely to purchase brands they can trust, brands that do positive things like listen to the consumer, or who are involved in community initiatives. Your brand needs to be identifiable by a set of pre-defined and established values, combined with a specific customer experience that is recognizable.


There will be times when investing in your consumers doesn’t show fixed or tangible ROI’s, and there will be times when you may not, as a brand, see the immediate benefit in your investment. However, any smart business knows that short-term measurements of ROI are not sufficient in deciding the success of specific methods. In the long term, by investing in your customers through providing them the best customer experience, you will put yourself in a position for profit.


Conclusive Remarks


Ultimately, customers want something different, and when brands recognize changing consumer attitudes and needs, it provides that brand a broader sense of purpose as a company. By adapting to the fluidity of consumer behaviour, it gives brands the power to maintain their relevance and share. Today’s consumers want something more, and it’s up to brands to give it to them.


Content and the customer are the future of marketing.

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