How to Expand Your Online Store’s Digital Presence

Owning your own business can be a major struggle at times, but with the power of the internet and a world more connected than ever, we are living in a time where entrepreneurs can dominate in sales.

Here are the top 3 proven ways to upgrade your digital marketing for your small e-commerce business.

Social Media

Every business (big or small) is getting involved with social media platforms, and for good reason. Social media sites like Facebook and Instagram rapidly increase brand awareness and customer reach, with 60% of Instagram users saying they discovered a new product through the platform.

Creating a social media page is the quickest way to build your brand and communicate what separates your business from the competition.


Content Marketing

Social media is critical to your marketing, but reaching your audience is pointless if you have nothing to reach them with.

Content marketing means creating free and informative material for consumers to learn from and enjoy. This can include blog posts on your industry, podcasts with guests, or infographics with intriguing data.

This content will hook consumers, make you a trusted resource, and increase traffic to your website or social media page.


Influencer Marketing

When small business owners think of marketing, they usually imagine expensive commercials or online banners. However, marketing is all about working smarter, not harder, and having a single influential person using your product can reach tens of thousands of potential customers.

Glossier, one of the newest and most successful makeup start-ups, has built their brand almost exclusively through influencer marketing, who they dub “glossier girls”. Rather than spending millions of dollars on expensive advertisements, Glossier’s engagement with influencers helped grow their company by 600% in 2015-2016.

39% of businesses will be increasing their influencer marketing activities. If you want your product in a local celebrity’s hand, you have to start planning now.