How to Sell Digital Marketing Services

As a marketing agency, you strive to help your clients promote their businesses in new and innovative ways. However, alternative platforms and marketing strategies sometimes make apprehensive business owners leery of new options.

Let’s take a look at the importance of social media marketing and blog posting for businesses and how can you add them to your pitches.


Blogging has been around for decades, but marketing agencies and businesses across the world are starting to realize the importance of long-form writing for content marketing.

Long-form writing is great for business because it allows you to talk in-depth about your business in a way that’s easy for customers to understand.

Potential topics for blogs include:

  • The cultural history behind your product or services
  • The history of your company and why you started your business
  • The current state of your industry and how your business is evolving
  • Valuable tips or advice for readers to use that demonstrate your authority

When pitching to clients, remind them that content marketing isn’t just about getting their business name and logo seen by readers, but about engaging potential customers in their business’s story.

Social Marketing:

While blogs are an excellent platform to build up content that will intrigue and educate readers, social media posting is the tool you need to reach consumers in the first place and keep them coming back.

In today’s economy, it’s almost mandatory for a small or medium sized business to have a Facebook or Instagram page. However, between managing your business, dealing with customers, and balancing your books, it can be hard to find the time for that daily Facebook post.

To pitch your social media services to your clients, remind them that nearly 20 million Canadians have Facebook accounts and that for every day they waste without Facebook or Instagram, their competitors are getting further and further ahead.

Social media for businesses isn’t a customer visibility issue, it’s a business viability issue.


Pitching to your clients can be an uphill battle at times, but having experts with the right data and experience behind you can make any sales pitch end with a smile. Visit us online for more great tips on how to revolutionize your digital marketing services.