Keys to Your Hotel’s Digital Presence

When visiting a new city, modern travelers are learning as much as they can online. They’re seeking out the best places to stay, fun things to do, and easy ways to get around. If your business doesn’t exist online, potential visitors will never know you exist in real life either. By using a few key strategies, your business can have a fighting chance in this digital world.

Listing Optimization

When travelers type “hotels in city” into their search engine, it’s imperative that your hotel appears and that your business information be correct. Search engines need to accurately display your contact information, amenities, and address to consumers trying to find your hotel. Potential guests will reference your listing frequently while visiting your city, especially for directions back to your business, and your guests’ trust will be broken if your listing leads them to the wrong side of town.

High-quality photos, a business description, and highlights of events can enhance your listings and make them stand out amongst the competition.


88% of travelers will not consider staying with a hotel whose star rating is less than three and 96% of them consider reading reviews to be important before booking. This means that if you’re not working to manage your reviews, you are already limiting your audience.

Responding to reviews, both positive and negative, ensure that your guests feel valued, and a great response can encourage reviewers to change their 2-star rating to a 4 or a 5! Also, when you deliver a thoughtful and polite response to your reviewers, you are showing other readers and browsers that you appreciate your guests’ feedback.

Social Media

People thrive on social media while they’re on vacation, and encouraging your guests to mention you in their posts will have your name popping up all over their feeds. Ask your guests to tag your business and watch as they share memories with their friends and family with your hotel name attached.

Posting about upcoming local events, using the event tags when possible, will have your hotel showing up in search results related to the event. If there’s a big concert, game, or festival coming to your city, post about it!


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