Step 1

Establish Your Organization's Digital Brand.

Claim your digital real-estate
How do you package your business so that it tells the right story to your prospects and to your clients?
You want to ensure a consistent brand across your organization that clearly conveys not only what you do but what you will do for your customers.
It is important to take the time to think about and establish your brand rules. These rules maintain consistency across your organization and allows you to react quickly to new content all while ensuring that the market views your brand how you want it to be viewed. 
In today’s environment, more than 80% of buying decision are made online. So, even if you have a physical location business, it is important that you claim your digital real-estate as well!

The key to your success is that you ALWAYS talk about how your business benefits a client, not what you or your product accomplishes.

For technology companies, we call this “Speeds and Feeds vs. Customer Value”

The 6 Reasons People Buy

  • Desire for Gain
    Your customer purchases expecting or hoping for an outcome.
  • Fear of Loss
    What could the client lose? Customers? Profits? Market Share?
  • Comfort and Convenience
    When a prospect talks about wanting an easier work life balance, they are really talking about comfort and convenience.
  • Pride of Ownership
    Why do people wait in lines to purchase the newest smartphones when their current one works just fine?
  • Security Protection
    Related to “fear of loss”, most people feel strongly about securing what is already theirs.
  • Satisfaction of Emotion
    This motivation is most directly associated with love and ego. You can stroke this one by helping prospects imagine the impact of their decision.

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