What’s In The Generation Digital Portal

Marketing Center

You can now bring all your marketing stack into one portal. We have all you need to manage social media, listings (your business info all over the web), reputation management, and digital advertising.

Get in touch with your digital navigator if you have any questions or would like to activate any of the products or services inside of your portal.

We have included case studies, FAQs and lot’s of other useful information so you can understand all the moving parts of your digital journey.


  • Your free custom report (shows all the parts of your business in the online world and as a bonus we include tactic you can do to improve.
  • All of your activated products reporting for you will be in this one easy to manage portal as well.

User Profile

This is the profile that will be used for your digital journey.

Think of it the same as any social network… except this one was built around the idea that sharing good information could make us all more money.

Digital Navigator Dashboard

For those of you who decide to join the digital navigator program and the mission to ensure all organizations embrace digital this is going to be your dashboard. Where you can track your earnings, get your unique tracking links, and see content that you can easily share through your other social channels. For managers and directors this is where you will be able to track the success of your team.
(tiered commission!!)


The thing about marketing strategies is they are constantly evolving and different depending on what you are trying to promote. Groups is a spot for you to connect with like minded who have or are going through the same part of the digital journey as you. If you are part of the digital navigator program start a group for your team
(or school campus) so you can encourage together. Who knows we might even start some contests between groups!

Blog Posts

We have included a lot of education for you inside the marketing center but we wanted to ensure that everyone benefits from this digital wave. These “themed” blog posts will be to help support the groups and for members of the digital navigator program to share with similar companies (at least all the one’s in their local area!). Any company that comes onto the portal and activates a product because of the share a navigator did will be recorded in their dashboard.

Sales Portal

For the Generation Digital Sales team when you access the marketing center you will be directed into the sales portal.

Here you will be able to keep track of all your clients and ensure excellent support.

Also, we have included all the training you need inside your account so you excel in your mission of ensuring all companies embrace digital.