What is your Virtual Doorway?

If I tell you that your virtual doorway sucks, would you know what I’m referring to? The truth is that a lot of businesses are operating with a very weak virtual doorway without even realizing it. Now, what exactly does the term ‘Virtual Doorway’ even mean?

Let’s take a look!

Your VIRTUAL DOORWAY is essentially how your business looks like to customers online. What is the online perception of your business? Are they able to find you when they search? Do you have good reviews? All of these factors are crucial when trying to successfully operate a company in the digital age!

The Virtual Doorway consists of 5 separate pillars that, together, are quintessential in your digital marketing efforts. These 5 pillars consist of the following

  • Listings
  • Reputation
  • Social
  • Website
  • Search


Is your business listed online? Is the information accurate?

The first thing to consider is whether or not your business can be found on the Internet! It is important to ensure that customers can find you by searching the web and that your business name, address, phone number, and website are 100% accurate across the board! Consumers must be able to find you on the web and in the streets!


Remember that first impressions are made online. You wouldn’t meet someone in real life and introduce yourself with your first name, then turn to their friend and introduce yourself with your middle name! By not having accurate information for potential customers to find, that’s exactly what you’re doing!

You want to ensure that you have a strong presence online and are showing up in the top search engine results!



What are your customers saying about your business online?

How do people perceive your business? What do people say about you? Is it positive? Negative? Do you even know??  Reputation Management means being intelligent about your online reputation and also how others view your business!



Reputation is about 4 things: monitoring, managing, responding, and generating

Monitoring: do you know what is being said about you?
Managing: once you find it, what are you going to do about it?
Responding: actively engage in the conversation
Generating: encourage reviews to positively promote your brand!

When you are searching for something to eat the first thing you’ll most likely do is look it up on Google or Yelp. Then you’ll look at the reviews. Would you be inclined to dine at a place with 1 star and only horrible reviews? Probably not…….

Never underestimate the power of reputation!



Are you listening to your online customers’ feedback?

How involved is your business in social media? In the digital age, everyone is on social media. That’s just how things are. If your business isn’t on social media, then by today’s standards you do not exist!

Social is about being actively involved on all major social media platforms and posting relevant and engaging content, regularly! Every single day, customers will literally declare their buying intentions and patterns. It is up to you to listen to them and offer them something they can’t resist. People may Tweet that they are out shopping in your neighbourhood. Someone may check into an area nearby. Someone may write a negative review about a competitor of yours. A business that is listening can seize that opportunity and turn that social interaction into a new customer!



How’s your website experience? Is it optimized for mobile?

Website Icon

You’ll be surprised to learn that many businesses actually neglect working on their websites and completely diminish the importance of having a good site that is optimized for mobile!

According to Google, the most sought-after information on a business’s website is phone number, address and hours of operation. Is that information easily available on your mobile responsive site? A consumer is actually five times more likely to leave a website that is not mobile friendly.

The perfect website for a business has correct location information with a map (listings), recently left positive reviews (reputation) and linked active social media feeds (social).



Are you showing up at the top of Google search results?

Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing are paramount for a successful digital marketing campaign. Search Engine Marketing refers to all marketing tactics used to ensure your business can be easily discovered by customers on search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

When you do a Google search, how often do you search into the 2nd or 3rd pages of the search results? Yeah, probably never. This is why you must have your business show up on that first page!

Now that you know what a Virtual Doorway is, do you know how YOUR company’s Virtual Doorway looks like? If you are curious GenDigital can tell you exactly what that looks like through a free Snapshot report! This will tell you about the online health of your business. Where are you doing well? What areas need improvement?


People are reviewing your business - are you paying attention? get started now!

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